Work Experience


It is advisable for candidates for PGCE, School Direct or SCITT to have had some experience in schools. At the Tandridge Teaching Alliance, we believe this is a perfect opportunity for you to find out about our schools, and to really decide if teaching is for you. Below we outline the packages of pre-placement training that we can offer:

Day 1



Meet with senior leader; safeguarding briefing; introduction to key staff; learning walk of the school – and explanation of pre-training observation and reflection materials; supported observation of learning.


Join learning in one phase (EYFS/KS1/Lower KS2/Upper KS2). This phase will be re-joined on day 5).

Day 2-4


Experience learning in 3 phases (or as many phases as the school can offer).

Day 5



Re-join learning in phase from day 1.


Time for reflective assessment and de-brief by senior leader.

Day 6-10


(if requested)

Route A:

As days 1-5 but in a different Tandridge school. Explanation of pre-training observation and reflection materials will be replaced by a meeting with the SENCO.

Route B:

Continued placement in 1 school; meeting with SENCO; re-visit phases for deeper experience (timetable agreed in de-brief on day 5).

Days 6-10 may be completed consecutively with days 1-5 or agreed for a later date.

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