What is a SCITT?


Lead for TTA : Julia Tappin, Head, Lingfield School.

A School-centred Initial Teacher Training partnership, linking with South Farnham SCITT, graded by Ofsted in March 2014 as an ‘Outstanding’ provider in all areas. Nationally recognised within the DfE to be at the forefront of school-based training through the effective delivery of School Direct programmes.

Surrey South Farnham SCITT

They are an innovative, leading, outstanding, well established and highly respected provider of Primary Initial Teacher Training working across all areas in Surrey and beyond.

There are many reasons why they are the first choice for so many trainees and schools. They have a reputation for being amongst the best school-led teacher training providers in the country.

Trainees are highly sought after and we deliver upon an expectation of employment every year. All trainees completed their training at a good or outstanding level last year and their feedback consistently rates the programme as being outstanding. They are Surrey’s largest school-led, primary provider and are praised for our personalised approach to every trainee.

There is no better place than a school to learn how to teach, and our network of schools is second to none. Our partner schools are the vital ingredient in the success of our training. They offer trainees a varied, supporting and challenging environment to learn their trade. We’re with you every step of the way. We have a dedicated SCITT support team who help make the training process as smooth as possible. Each trainee also has an experienced school-based mentor and external support tutor who offer support, guidance and advice. All trainees can also access an online training platform.

A strength of school-led training is that you are learning in a school environment and treated as a member of the school team from day one. You will be surrounded by experienced colleagues and guided through a gradual integration into teaching a class of children. The programme will be tailored to meet your needs and you will be supported by a Mentor and Support Tutor. Weekly professional studies sessions are led by a team of national experts and primary educationalists.

Let’s ensure you have the necessary qualifications to join one of our courses.

Minimum of a Grade C (or a new grade 4) GCSE in maths, English and science or equivalent.

A degree or equivalent.

If you tick both boxes, you can submit an application via UCAS. Before starting any initial teacher training course with us you’ll also have to undertake the professional skills tests. We would advise getting some classroom experience to help make an informed decision.

“I wanted to train through SSF SCITT partly because I came to teaching slightly later than many of my colleagues. It was important to me to be part of a school community as quickly as possible – I knew I would learn so much from being there. the opportunity to train locally, as part of a team of outstanding teachers, in an outstanding SCITT partnership, was very exciting. I couldn’t have asked for a better start.” 

– Chris Baker, Teacher.