Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


In the Tandridge Teaching Alliance, we believe that partnership working should be at the core of teaching experience right from the outset. Having access to the right support when training is crucial and in the Tandridge Teaching Alliance, we invest time in ensuring that class teachers and mentors can fulfil their roles to the highest standards.

Role of the Class Teacher

The class teacher plays a pivotal role in the development of trainees in the classroom. They are excellent practitioners who can demonstrate not only a passion for their own teaching but also for the development of the teachers of the future. They are highly skilled at delivering engaging lessons for all of the learners and are prepared to share their skill with the trainee. They will be to first point of contact for the student and will be able to act as a coach within the classroom. They have a clear understanding of the need to be able to have sometimes-difficult discussions with the trainee and mentor if extra support is required. Above all, they are highly reflective practitioners who is always looking to improve and develop their own practice.

The class teacher will be a role model for the trainee.

Support the trainee to deliver inspiring and engaging lessons.

Meets with the University tutor when they visit the trainee.

Be able to demonstrate high standards of teaching and classroom practice.

Share classroom routines and record/assessment arrangements for the class.

Participates in the interim and final assessments.

Discuss the trainee’s progress and achievements with the Trainee Mentor.

Provide opportunities for the trainee to plan alongside the Class teacher/Team.

Provide the trainee with relevant class data including SEND, PP and EAL.

Provide support to the trainee with informal feedback and coaching as required.

Plans class contact and non-contact time; plans timetable to ensure teaching requirements are met.

Role of the Trainee Mentor

The Trainee Mentor provides support for both the trainee and the class teacher. They will have already had the experience of being a class teacher with a trainee. This will have kindled a passion for training new teachers. They will be keen to share their experience with class teachers and mentors within the Alliance, and have the vision to support the development of the Alliance’s trainee teacher programme. Mentors will have developed a clear understanding of observing lessons with a view to giving feedback and coaching. In addition, they will have a flair for supporting and developing the teachers of the future.

Complete the HEI mentor training.

Is familiar with the HEI SBT handbook and e-portfolio.

Carry out both formal and informal in class observations.

Ensures that all relevant documentation is provided to the Class teacher and meets with them to discuss the trainee’s progress.

Provides induction including ensuring all the relevant policies and safeguarding procedures are available and shared with the trainee.

Ensures the relevant pupil data is available to the trainee and that the trainee understands how to use the data to inform planning and teaching.

Support the trainee with weekly meetings to discuss progress, reflect on the week and set targets.

Provides the trainee with appropriate subject knowledge and professional development training.

Provide opportunities for the trainee to observe lessons in years groups other than their base class/year group/school.

Provide feedback and targets for the trainee to ensure progression in training.

Deliver a package of training alongside the partner schools in the alliance.

Liaise with the University link Tutor and carry out joint observations.

Write reports which will inform the final judgement of the HEI in awarding QTS.

Be familiar with the teacher standards and the grading descriptors.

Training and support


Please click here for details of training and support offered to mentors.

If you are a Tandridge class teacher and feel you could offer this support please speak to your Headteacher or contact us:

In addition to the high quality of support, we provide within the placement schools we draw on the expertise of teachers and schools across the alliance to provide bespoke local training and support from Initial Teacher Training through to completion of your NQT year. For more information regarding Teacher Training Timetables, please contact us at