Thinking of becoming a teacher?


Applications to teacher training courses starting in autumn 2021 open on 13 October 2020.

You need to access the DFE website

Here we’ve broken down the whole process into manageable steps, so you can see exactly what’s involved. From a high-level outline of the application process to tips on writing your personal statement. If you’re not ready to apply, read our step-by-step guide on preparing for teacher training. If you’re not a graduate, there are a number of options.

School Direct Training with the TTA

School Direct is a relatively new route into teaching which moves the focus of study from a university to a school. Whether you’ve just finished a degree, or have been working in a career for many years, you will probably want to combine any further teacher training with actually doing the job. With School Direct, you are selected by the Alliance from day one and we make a commitment not only to your training but to your subsequent employment.

What makes a good teacher, and why teach?

Our television screens have recently been inundated with programmes such as Educating Yorkshire, Educating Essex, Tough Young Teachers, and more recently Educating the East End, which have followed teachers that work in a range of schools.  But what makes a good teacher, and why would you teach?



The TTA School Direct programme

We work in partnership with Canterbury Christchurch University or the University of Brighton to provide a tailored programme of training.  The School Direct pathway offered through Tandridge Teaching Alliance allow you to gain QTS by the end training period.


Additionally the TTA are able to provide the following:

Focussed Professional Studies.

Training opportunities across the Alliance.

Strong support provided by the Alliance.

School Placements in differing contexts across the Alliance.

Support to secure a teaching position on completion of the course.

Networking opportunities with trainees at other teaching schools.

Studies Programme based at Canterbury Christ Church University/ University of Brighton.

Every pupil deserves to be taught by innovative and outstanding teachers in a school with outstanding leadership. All teachers and school leaders deserve access to professional development to enable them to model and lead quality teaching.

“The School Direct course provided me with invaluable hands on experience and I was surrounded by a fantastic support system that has helped me become a successful teacher.”


The Tandridge Teaching Alliance is driven by a desire to train and develop inspiring, enthusiastic and skilful teachers who are willing to work hard and grasp every opportunity offered and share our relentless determination to make a difference to the lives of children in Tandridge.

The children and students within the Alliance schools are happy, eager to learn, responsive and aspire to achieve. We are looking for trainee teachers who share these aspirations and will help our children to reach their potential.

We are looking for ambitious and inspirational trainee teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic about their own learning. As trainees you will work alongside teachers in a culture of research and development, where teaching practice is informed by evidence about what has maximum impact on learning and pupil progress. You will have regular opportunities to share practice with colleagues, through our programme of lectures, action research projects and visits to outstanding schools.

TTA offers trainees a challenging, creative and rigorous training programme led by a team of experienced teachers, school leaders and university lecturers that will prepare you for a career in teaching.

We look forward to welcoming you to our staff and to our community


We hope that on completion you will want to work within the Alliance. As evidence of our commitment to your continued employment within the Alliance, TTA operates a guaranteed interview scheme for School Direct trainees. If you choose to apply elsewhere we will provide support and guidance in securing the best first step for you.

Trainee teachers are our next generation of leaders of education; our commitment to your professional development starts with initial teacher training and continues throughout your career. As a trainee and later as a NQT and beyond you will work in an environment that enables every individual to tailor a programme of professional development to enhance your subject knowledge, classroom practice and leadership skills.

The Alliance works in partnership and co-operation with Canterbury Christ Church University and University of Brighton both judged by Ofsted to be an outstanding provider of initial teacher training. This partnership ensures that the training offered in schools is supported by a strong theoretical underpinning and rigorous quality assurance. Trainees are taught, mentored and assessed by a team comprising experienced school teachers and university tutors. Our staff are inspirational, knowledgeable and have a proven track record in developing, challenging and supporting trainee teachers. The Alliance boasts staff with exceptional expertise in all areas of education who are ready to share this expertise with our trainees. Together we are excited by the creativity and enjoyment of teaching, leading and innovating.

Canterbury Christ Church University


The Alliance works closely with Canterbury Christ Church University to deliver training which combines strong theoretical knowledge and understanding of learning, teaching, pedagogy and child development with substantial experience of the school environment and practice of teaching in the classroom. All trainees are potential leaders of the future and so our initial teacher training programme features experiences which we believe build leadership characteristics: opportunities to research, to value peer coaching, to learn about a range of school contexts and to work collaboratively.

TTA currently only offers both School Direct courses and training routes which can lead either to a PGCE or QTS qualification with options to include M-level credits in both routes. A guidance interview will support you in making your choice of pathway and once on course your mentor will work with you to tailor your programme to meet your individual needs and interests.

You will be trained in a highly supportive and aspirational environment and will develop the rigour, professional and subject knowledge, understanding and skills necessary for engaging children and young people in creative, purposeful and challenging learning.

Training that is led by University Tutors and experienced teachers and leaders from schools.

Highly trained and experienced school-based mentors.

Access to University facilities and resources.

An entitlement to the full range of TTA professional development events and activities.

Expert support to carry out individual action research projects.

Opportunities to work as part of a community of trainees and with a vibrant community of experienced teachers.

Two extensive placements in contrasting schools from the Alliance.

Masters level credits.

Expert guidance to support you in choosing the best training pathway.

We are looking for ambitious and inspirational trainee teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic about learning. People who are willing to work hard and grasp every opportunity offered in order to make a difference to the lives of children in Tandridge.

What to do next?


Full details of how to apply for the School Direct programme is via the UCAS Teacher Training or the DFE. To help support you in making your decisions about your application, we offer:

Open Mornings throughout the academic year where you can meet staff, and find out more about our programmes.

Information on our website about School Direct and the opportunities available to you.

An opportunity to gain school experience by volunteering or having a short work experience opportunity in an appropriate school in our Alliance. This may give you a better all-round experience and expectation of the role.

Opportunities for informal discussions and school visits.

Get in touch


If you have any further questions or would like to talk to us about the School Direct programme please telephone 01883 712817 or email