Bespoke School Improvement Work


We now have 1NLE and 12 SLEs within our alliance – appointed by the Teaching School and accredited and trained by the regional Teaching School Network. These are people with proven track records for influencing school improvement outside their own schools. Click here (make a hyperlink to a new page) to find out more about them and what they can offer. They will be working on some of the bigger school improvement projects across Surrey. They will also be delivering a lot of our local training – so that you and your teachers can get a feel for the quality of what they can offer.

In addition to this the Teaching School can help broker work from them for you and your schools regardless of whether you are on some official ‘list’.


This could include:

Working with the school on reviewing provision.

Working with the school on use of data.

Working with a new subject leader to develop their skills.

Working with the school to raise attainment in a specific subject area.

Working with the school to help an underperforming teacher.

If you have the capacity to do this yourself in-house then of course you won’t need this offer. However very often as headteachers we can see the need – but not quite have the time or the people to do it ourselves.

The School 2 School Process


Meet with Teaching School representative and agree scope of work and improvement outcomes. This meeting is free of charge. Through this discussion we would explore the options around the type of work required and the people we have available.


If we do not have the right people within TTA we can go to other teaching schools to ask them on your behalf. The advantage of this approach over more generic leadership training is that we can tailor the work towards actions which will specifically aid your own school development priorities.


The Teaching School will then source staff to meet the contract. The cost of the contract will be set in line with the experience of the colleagues providing the work. If your school is classed as ‘vulnerable’ we can approach to DfE and regional schools commissioner to pay for the work – releasing pressure on your own budgets.


The Teaching school will monitor the effectiveness of the work, and provide support and guidance for those deployed.


At the end of the project the effectiveness will be evaluated.

Charging Rates for School to School Support Work

NLE – £550
SLE – £350

SLE – £220

HALF DAY RATE (3 hours)*
NLE – £275
SLE – £175

SLE – £110

NLE – £100
SLE – £60

Shared Success of School 2 School


The more people within the alliance that we have accredited as NLEs and SLEs the stronger we will be. The process of undertaking professional work that helps meet the criteria of these roles is excellent CPD in and of itself. Please do have a look at the guidance for SLEs and NLEs and consider whether you or some your staff may be eligible now, or just need a little more experience working outside your own schools in order to qualify. The TTA can help facilitate this for you if you wish.


To find out more or arrange a planning meeting