Annual Heads Conference


We work as a Partnership in Tandridge. We work with our schools and, because of our schools. They drive what we do.

We have a very strong and proactive Strategy Group who work with the Lead School to ensure that the TTA remains both proactive and reactive supporting our schools.  Not all Schools in Tandridge take advantage of what we offer every time but it is there for them, should they need it. Some schools pick and choose carefully as their needs may be different from another School in the Alliance. Before the Alliance was formed we worked as a successful partnership of schools.

Education has changed so much over years. We now have Academies and Multi Academy Trusts, sitting alongside our Church Schools and LA Schools.  BUT the locality is the same, the communities are the same, the children are the same. The need to work together is the same. Now more than ever we need to work as a local collaborative supporting one and other, sharing good practice, resources and opportunities.

However, this requires Heads to come together and make time to work together, to network and to talk. We currently hold just two Heads meetings each year and an Annual Conference. Heads are asked to prioritise these meetings, to come along and support the Alliance. I know that the Conference is a vital part of the school year for many Heads, a learning opportunity, a time to talk to their colleagues, to make new friends and to find out what is happening in other schools. At the Conference we bring in the most respected and innovative key speakers to ensure our schools hear from the best.  Heads meetings are also appreciated as an opportunity to have your say to shape the local offer and to raise issues and concerns. You can also hear what is on offer from the TTA and how you access those opportunities.