TTA Annual Alliance Day


Every year we offer our schools an opportunity to access innovative, timely and appropriate training in our locality. This training is offered from several schools in Tandridge who offer their school as a ‘host’ school. The offer has always been very heavily subsidised as we try to keep the cost down to approximately £10.00 – £25.00 per person for any session. Over the past few years we have offered sessions from Contender Charlie, Safeguarding, First Aid, Literacy with Phil Beadle, Behaviour ‘What lies beneath’  with Stuart Lane, Understanding coaching, attachment with Margot Sunderland, Makaton training and Metacognition. Over 130 members of staff in our schools attend and we are always delighted with the feedback and outcomes.  Over the years we have welcomed so many speakers and offered workshops and sessions to benefit all our schools. Training delivered to groups of interested schools and participants is not only economical but very beneficial.

For 2019 we have already booked in for our schools or are in the process of booking:  First Aid, Safeguarding, a literacy support course for our TAS for KS1 and KS2 ‘ unpicking the mystery’, Mindfulness, Behaviour Management in the Classroom, Supporting children with Learning Difficulties, Practical Strategies for difficulties supporting Children with Autism and Positive Touch.

We will confirm this offer throughout the next few months to our member schools. The date has been set for the first Monday after autumn half term. We always welcome input from all our schools to reflect sessions that are needed by our schools.