Speech and Language Support


We have put together a specific ‘school package’ of speech and language therapy which we are offering to schools we know and have worked with. This would be £180 for a 3 hour morning session or £120 for a 2 hour afternoon session. Essential this gets you a SLT at your beck and call! In that time, we could assess children that you need assessing (this may involve time meeting with parents, observing in class and/or working with the child 1:1 completing a formal assessment) or we could work with specific members of staff to support them with targeted interventions for children.

We would need to know details in advance of how you would want to use the time. For direct working with children (i.e. assessing) we would also need you to complete a referral form and get written parental consent, both of which I can send across forms for. The time needed for assessments varies greatly but typically 30-45 minutes with the child is sufficient plus some time for liaison with school staff and parents.

If you require reports we can provide these at an additional cost of £40 per report. This would tend to be a 2-4 page typed report outlining the assessment scores and findings as well as a brief summary of initial advice, targets and recommendations. We would outline what provision we would recommend in terms of SLT interventions (e.g. therapy sessions) and school-led interventions (e.g. TA or teacher led sessions). We aim to get reports to you within 2 weeks of the assessment.