Positive Handling

4th November 2019 all-day
St Stephen's CoFE School
Full Day Accredited Course £85pp

Positive Handling

• Understand the Context of Positive Handling in Schools

• Describe Difficult, Distressed and Dangerous Behaviour with clarity

• Understand the legal principles regarding physical interventions

• Understand when physical interventions may be required (Duty of Care)

• Explain what the DfE guidance states about using reasonable force

• Understand how to minimise the risks when/if physical interventions are used.

• Carry out safer holding and physical intervention procedures

The trainers are all full-time, qualified and insured professionals.  The team all hold Ofqual-recognised BTEC Level 4 qualifications in Adult Education and the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Physical Restraint, offering you peace of mind that you are getting the best possible advice and training.

They teach a blended approach of behaviour management skills backed with effective but non-harmful physical alternatives which are practical and appropriate.  Our goal is to “treat every person/ child with dignity and show them respect, even in the most challenging of moments”.