Arts, Creativity and Cultural Learning


The Tandridge Teaching Alliance is committed to providing children with the broadest possible learning experiences – to encourage our young people in developing their artistic and cultural understanding and expression.

We have a particular interest in exploring the ways in which the arts can be embedded in the core curriculum. We believe that it is only by these means that we can make all our schools ‘disadvantaged friendly’ – ensuring that every child, every day can access rich artistic and cultural experiences regardless of their background.


If you would like to find out more, would like to collaborate with us, or have an idea for a new area to explore please contact us.

Action Research Projects


We are currently engaged in action research projects which, at their heart, explore the extent to which the disciplines associated with learning in the arts can be used to support core curriculum learning, and whether this has a broader impact on proactive engagement in learning, and expression and development of ideas.

To find out more see this article.

We are supported in this work by our partners